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Whether it's lunch for 30 people, a team breakfast, or a large scale event. Epicater guarantees great food and service stating with 3 easy steps.

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  • 1Consult

    Your catering concierge will work with you in creating the ultimate meal plan. They'll tailor a program that seamlessly matches your team's preference.


    We'll take care of the whole delivery process. All you have to do is show up hungry.


    Through our simple survey process, we'll learn what your team loves and schedule it more often. New vendors will be sourced and added to your playlist based on the feedback we receive.

  • 1Consult

    Speak with one of our experts to select the perfect fair and libations for your event. Looking for the right decor, equipment rentals and entertainment too? We've got you covered.


    It's the small things that make all the difference. We'll plate all the fair, set up the bar and provide the wait staff necessary to make your event a success.


    We'll take care of all the logistics to ensure your guests are well fed and entertained so you can sit back and enjoy the event.


We Make Catering Easy

Why go through the trial and error of sourcing great meals or menus when we've already done that for you? Epicater is far from your average catering company.


Epicater has made my life easier.

Epicater has made my life easier. I can sit back and have someone else put together menus that I can tweak to suit our changing needs.
Clara Nigh,Office Manager

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